You know you are supposed to include all three dimensions of the NGSS into your lesson plans.  But that is easier said than done.  

If you feel overwhelmed and aren't sure where to start, I can help.   


Tell Me How!

Take the first step.  

The first step is knowing where the gaps are in your lesson plans.  Grab this FREE 3D Lesson Plan Template and fill it out for one week. 

Then, I will show you how to evaluate your lessons and decide on the next steps.   

Easy NGSS Solutions

Making the shift to 3D Learning in your classroom can feel totally overwhelming.... but it doesn't have to be.   Erin Sadler created Sadler Science to help you make this transition easy and rewarding.   Soon, you will be making changes in your classroom that pay off while actually reducing your workload.

Take the first step by grabbing this template now! 


Grab your FREE 3D Lesson Plan Template.